Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aloha :)

Aloha :)

Hmm.. lots of stuff to catch up on! Lets see, since last I wrote, I have signed a petition online against human trafficking (you can too at, baptised someone, gone on a mini outreach, finished the book "Heaven is For Real" (which I really enjoyed), and have gotten more tan ;) It's been a pretty exciting last few weeks.

Two weeks ago, we had a man named Brian Brennt and his team come and speak to our class about spiritual warfare and our original design. During the week the couple that was with him took each student out individually and prophesied over them about what their original design was meant to be. They said some really cool things over me. One of my favorite things that they said though was that they thought that I was going to travel all over the world. That would be pretty cool! :D Last week was what we call "corporate week." That's when all of the DTS schools have lectures together. Our speakers taught us about how to start simple churches in places where people haven't heard the gospel before, and  also how to disciple people. One of the exercises we did was to have simple church ourselves. We got into groups of 5-10 people, and had word, worship, and fellowship together. For the word we chose any passage from the Bible and then discussed what it said about God, what it said about people, and how we could be obedient. For worship we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted, whether it be singing, dancing, giving thanks, praying... we were free to get creative. :P And for fellowship we usually talked about how we were doing and prayed for each other. One of the days we took communion together as a small church, bread and grape juice/wine weren't provided for us. We had to use whatever we could find. Our group ended up using dry ramen and blueberry-pomegranate vitamin water. lol! It sounds silly but the simpleness of it was very refreshing and very spiritual. We all agreed that it made us happy. :P haha. On the last day, Friday, anyone who wanted was given the opportunity to be baptised, and since our speakers teach that young people can baptise each other, the students could choose anyone they wanted to baptise them. So, all 150-200 of us walked down to the beach in front of the school, and on the way my friend Kerry, who's in my DTS, asked me to baptise her! I was extremely shocked and honored. The experience of baptising someone was so amazing.

The weekend before last was our mini outreach to the other side of the island. We left Friday evening, drove about 2 1/2 hours to a small Korean church in Hilo where we were staying, and spent the rest of that night playing games and eating yummy Korean food. On Saturday, our leaders and staff washed all of the students feet, like Jesus did for his disciples, and we all took communion together. Who knew that getting your feet washed could be such an emotional experience! The rest of the day we spent hanging out together, eating more yummy Korean food, and rehearsing. On Sunday morning we performed for the church. It was a lot of fun! That evening we also performed for a 2nd church before heading back to campus. It was a fun experience, and we all feel a little more prepared for outreach now.

We perform our entire show for the first time next Friday! And also quite a few people, including myself, still need money for outreach by the 29th of this month or we won't be able to go. So please continue to pray for us! I love and miss you all!

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